TVP Custom Presets for Lightroom & ACR – The Gold Pack


Finally! The Gold Pack is here and ready to go! I have been working on this pack for the better part of 6 months getting it absolutely right! I have mixed my love of both The Vibrant Pack and The Crush Pack to create these presets! They are warm and vibrant with just the right amount of fade. There are 15 presets in this pack including 4 all new black and white presets, making them completely useful for almost all shooting scenarios.

They are easy to use and 9/10 times will only require adjustments in exposure, shadows and white balance to suit your image and taste. As you can tell from my “before” images, I prefer warm images straight out of the camera so I barely adjust the white balance, but if you shoot cooler/warmer than I do, playing around with it will fix 90% of any colour issues.

I use TVP Gold 2 on approx 75% of my images. I have fallen completely in love with this pack and I hope you do too!


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***These presets are strictly for usage in Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw. They are meant to be used by someone who is familiar with Lightroom and ACR and using presets. These presets aren’t a “one-click and done” – you will need to know how to adjust according to the white balance, shadows and exposure and an understanding of how Lightroom and ACR works is critical to the success of these presets.

There are absolutely no refunds once the purchase is made.


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