TVP Custom Presets for Lightroom & ACR – The Crush Pack


The Crush pack is my new favourite pack of presets to play with. Expect crushed highlights (thus the pack name) as well as a TON of beautiful grain. If you’re not a grain person, you can adjust it according to your preference using the grain sliders in LR. Since creating these, I have been using them on 90% of my work. You can tweak them to suit your image using most of the basic sliders in Lightroom. I find that minor tweaking to the temperature, tint, exposure, shadows slider and shadows tint is all I need in order to achieve my desired effect after applying these presets.

The zip comes with a total of 4 presets, all similar with slight adjustments.

If your photo is overexposed or exposed brightly then adjust your exposure down more than you usually would to achieve your desired effect.


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***These presets are strictly for usage in Lightroom and ACR. They are meant to be used by someone who is familiar with Lightroom and ACR and using presets. These presets aren’t a “one-click and done” – you will need to know how to adjust according to the white balance, shadows and exposure and an understanding of how Lightroom and ACR works is critical to the success of these presets.

There are absolutely no refunds once the purchase is made.


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