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Brooke & Steeve – Pheonix Couples Session

There are some encounters in life that can only be explained by serendipity. These two gems, Brooke and Steven, have a permanent place of affection in my heart.
Brooke and Steven, thank you for taking a risk with me and running around the desert like hooligans way past their bedtime! Your utter abandon to adventure and your heart for the Lord just overflows!

When we wrapped up this session, my new friends said to me “is there anything we can pray about for you and your family?” This took me so off guard in the best way. But it shouldn’t have. I should be used to asking others what I can pray about for them, and I should be used to hearing these words. But I’m not.
I’ve been reading Kevin Butcher’s book “Choose + Choose Again” and it has touched my heart in so many ways. It has been revealing so much in the Word of God to me, particularly about the significance of why love is the greatest of these. Healing, restoration, trust, faith, evangelism, hope, etc starts with LOVE. So often we feel so unequipped to share our faith with others and I’m learning how the devil has used certain “qualifications” against me when the answer has simply been to LOVE OTHERS the way Christ loved his church.
Take a minute to listen to the story of those around you and grieve with those who grieve. You will never be more effective in furthering the kingdom than you will be if you just love, truly madly deeply, one another.
Regardless of creed, religion, orientation, race, I want you – yes YOU – to know that you are so deeply loved. And if you doubt that, I want you to DM me and I would love to hear your story and pray with you.
So thank you, Brooke and Steven, for your prayers. May they bless you as they bless me.

Edited with The Crush Pack.

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