Being able to use my photography skills to help other parents grow in their legacy work is truly a full circle moment for me. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help parents take beautiful images of their children and simplify this important task.

At first thought I assumed that this guide would be above my head and geared toward professionals. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only is this guide beautiful, straight forward and easy to understand, it also has a place for everyone from beginners to advanced. I was shocked by some of the simple changes I could make to have my basic shots transformed into works of art. I also loved that her theory of whatever camera you have (iPhone to the fanciest out there) on you and available, is the best choice to use. It’s not a grab for making a big purchase for something more than you need if it’s not within you need or budget. My favourite tips were the basics of camera set up to easier get your perfect snap, the fight between lighting sources (mind blown!) and placement of the kids in a photo for it to all balance. I am already noticing how much nicer my pictures look and so thankful I am able to be better at making a time capsule of these quickly changing years (insert ugly cry face here). Thank you so much Tricia for offering the world this amazing gift of knowledge for documenting the little beauties in our lives! 


This photography guide is very easy to read and follow. It felt like I was sitting down with the author, Tricia, who is cheering for me as I take on the challenge of documenting my family life with high quality photos. It’s beginner friendly, packed with inspiration from Tricia’s very own legacy work, and includes insider tips for success as a photographer and parent. I love the bite-sized challenges that encourage me to take photos with a new perspective.
Tricia’s words validate how important and completely normal it is to have too many photos of my one-year-old son. And now, with the help of this guide, I feel better equipped to capture the story of his life in a beautiful way. I love it, and highly recommend this photography guide for parents!


Seriously after reading The Ultimate Photography Guide for Parents I felt so inspired to reach for my camera way more often than I do. 
I took photography a couple years ago and use my “fancy” camera, here and there, but it always seems like a chore because I feel like I haven’t practised enough. Tricia really breaks down how to capture special moments with your children and family. She reminds you that every shot is important/special and when you don’t take the shot you potentially miss out. 
Her guide is so real and so easy and listen why was I feeling emotional ? Because it’s just such an amazing way to view photography and the art of capturing your children. 
The Guide is laid out beautifully, fun and easy to find I formation. I’m glad I can go back and highlight some tips! It’s seriously amazing. 
I truly felt so motivated after reading it, so here’s to reaching for my camera more often.


I flew through Tricias Ultimate Photography For Parents. Due to COVID I was unable to follow through with my dreams of having newborn pictures and family pictures with my baby that was born April 10, 2020. After receiving this I must say this is a must have for anyone just starting out in photography and wanting to capture their families special moments. Tricia goes over every little detail you could imagine. From tips and tricks with your iPhone to owning your own DSLR camera and what lenses she uses and why.  Not only is this book about photography, its also about giving yourself some grace as a parent and the real reason we are trying to take pictures in the first place. Its not about the perfect outfit, background or props. It’s about real life and documenting all the GREAT moments that you are having with your family in everyday life. Without a doubt I would tell anyone to purchase this. I have learned so much and cannot wait to put it to use with my little family. Thank you Tricia for a wonderful gift.


I absolutely loved learning about how to take better photos of my kids from Tricia! It was so easy to understand, scrolling through incredible inspiration and feeling a lot more confident in my abilities. She gave me the push I was needing! Highly recommended!


I am so happy with this ebook. I have been trying to learn how to properly capture those exciting moments in my life being a new mother and this was exactly what I needed! It provided me with the information to learn how to properly use my DSLR camera and navigate through all the settings. This ebook is awesome!!


This book is a must read for every parent! It will have you crying tears from both laughter and sadness all while giving the best tricks of the trade in parental photography. Thanks Tricia for helping all of us parents out in this journey of documenting our kids!