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Unraveled Academy

After receiving an influx of mentorship requests asking nearly all the same questions, I sat down to create this online curriculum to help answer them. I’m so excited to offer four online courses available exclusively with Unraveled Academy that teach you how to pose your clients and draw candid moments from authentic moments, editing your images using Lightroom, how to shoot weddings, and business practices that help you book more clients and run a successful company. While making these videos, I kept in mind personal time constraints that we all have and made sure that the only content that fills them lets you walk away with proven methods of achieving your goals without all the fluff. These videos are packed with my industry secrets and the most important tools I use on a regular basis.

And here’s the best part – when you enroll with Unraveled Academy, you gain access to all of the other courses, lessons and videos (300+) inside the academy. With new content added monthly, the academy houses something for every photographer, including beginner photography courses, intermediate lessons on double exposures, free-lensing and editing, and advanced courses on revolutionary topics, business and art. Join our community for only $15.00 a month and gain access to an inclusive, nurturing space, busting at the seams with value.

Come hang out with me and take your business to the next level!


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workshops workshops workshops workshops

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Fernweh Workshop


​Fernweh teaches not one, but two different areas of photography:

Couples Photography &. Family Photography.

Tricia will be taking the lead on weddings/couple photography with focused attention on creating raw candid imagery, capturing intimacy and storytelling. Jayme will be walking you through family photography focusing on connection, unposed imagery, and running a family photography based business exclusively.

But we won't just leave you with "know-how". We want to create a space that includes emotional support. This industry, regardless of your specialty, is a tough one. It's important to nurture your mental health and we want to make sure we leave room for a safe place to share your journey, get encouraged, ask questions and actually talk about the hard stuff.

Location : Salmon arm/BC


one on one


Need something a little more personal? I can help with that, too.

Want to connect via Skype? No problem. Prefer something a little more hands on? We can definitely do that. Check out the link below to learn more about my mentorship program. If you're ready to set something up, reach out and we'll make it a date.

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TVP Custom Presets

The Ebook

Want to know how to take incredible images of your children? I wrote an entire book about it. You should probably check it out.

Learn the skills, strategies & tools you need to create a legacy of beautiful images of the lives of your children.

168 beautiful pages broken down into 8 easy to read segments packed full of visual references!

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