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Are we a good fit for each other?

Are you adventurous? Do the simple things in life mean the most to you? Do you mind the possibility of going on a short hike on your wedding day? Do you not take yourself too seriously? Don’t mind getting a little dirt on your shoes? Then yes. We are a great fit.
The clients who are best suited for me (and I for them) want real life moments captured as they happen. They want them taken in the simple places as well as the grand location. They love the outdoors. They are drawn to the vibrancy of life and love. They value photography as an investment made in their present, for their future. They value my input when its asked for. They trust me and my vision for them completely.

I’m personally drawn to the boho-chic bride. Flower crowns and mountains. The ocean. The hipster family whose little boy has wild hair. Bold colours and casual outfits. That adorable tattooed couple at the coffee shop giggling about who-knows-what together. Man buns and beards. The soon to be bride and groom that value a wedding for what it truly is – a celebration of love, not a production for their friends and family. The triumph and the trials of motherhood. That secret and incredibly romantic rendezvous elopement. Laughter. Moody skies. Outdoor ceremonies. Honesty – raw, unapologetic passion. Off the beaten path locations. Innocent and sweet young love. Sentimental details. Love that stands the test of time.

It’s totally okay if none of this sounds like you. There are so many amazing artists out there and I’m certain that the most important thing for you to do is find the photographer who suits you and your vision best. The one who makes you most comfortable. But if thats me, I can’t wait to work with you!

Why don’t you take traditional weddings?

I have been shooting large weddings for the better part of a decade and have just found that my passion is in elopement/intimate style weddings. I love the closeness of an intimate ceremony and the romance of an “I do” rendezvous! Something about this just inspires my soul like nothing else and as such, I just want to focus on these types of ceremonies. I have nothing against folks who have the traditional wedding – I myself was one of those brides who had the whole kit and kaboodle, I TOTALLY get it! But at this point in my career, I have made the decision to follow what calls to my heart and thats why I’m only shooting elopements and intimate ceremonies.

What’s your primary style?

I feel like I can use these three words to define my style: Emotional, Vibrant and Earthy.

I don’t mean to sound redundant, but I truly do love candid real life moments. I love passion. I love being able to capture the bond between a mother and her child or the way a man feels about his bride. So I do my best to set my shoots up to be able to successfully document these moments. I use structure when I need to, but I encourage and cultivate candid moments throughout my sessions.

We are super uncomfortable in front of the camera. Do you help us with that?

Of course I will help you with this! In fact, one of the best ways I help you with this is by getting in front of the lens once a year with my family.
Let me get real honest with you here. Being a model is HARD. It’s uncomfortable and awkward and you’re constantly wondering, “do I look stupid right now?” But I promise you this: if you and your spouse have chemistry, or you and your family are playful and know how to have fun together, then your session will be amazing. At the end of the day, its all about that chemistry! As a photographer, I can’t invent that! Its either there or its not. Your family is either stiff or they are fun. You and your fiancé are either comfortable in each others arms or you’re not. I will remind you constantly that its my job to document PDA – and I eat that shiz up. I absolutely love it. So keep this tucked away for when I tell you kiss and stay in his embrace.
Parents – don’t freak out if your kids are freaking out. I personally love capturing the moments when your kidlette is crying. It’s REAL. And usually the reason why is pretty funny. The more relaxed you stay, the more settled your kids will be. I’m in no rush and I am a mom so I get it. I really do get it.
Do your best to let your guard down around me and I will do my best to make sure that it shows.

Tell me more about your editing.

I edit every single image that I hand back to you. I am heavily influenced by film and most of my images emulate a plethora of different film packs. I edit about 66% in colour and 33% in black and white (give or take). Everything you get back will be edited the same as what you see on my website. I do not photoshop or liquify bodies nor do I superimpose images. Basic touchups are made only when something is extremely obtrusive to the imagery. If you require further touchup’s to your images, this can be done for an additional price on a picture by picture basis.

How long until I have my photo’s?

1-3 months depending on the time of year and my workload.

How quickly should I book you?

I take an extremely limited number of bookings each year so if you would like to book, I recommend booking sooner than later. I am typically booked 6+ months in advance for lifestyle sessions and 1-2 years in advance for weddings. (Preference is given to elopements.)

Should I provide lunch or dinner for you at my reception?

You are not obligated to provide dinner for me at your reception, however, if none is provided I will require 1 hour to go and grab dinner myself. This may leave room for shots missed as I will not be there to capture those “moments” while I’m eating.

What is your retainer and refund policy?

As per the contract you would sign – the retainer fee is non-refundable.
There are no refunds on any package unless otherwise stated in the contract.

What type of camera will the photographer use?

I currently use a Canon 5D Mark IV. I have multiple lenses that I can use during the day, including a 70-200mm, 24-70mm an 85mm and 35mm.

Will there be backup equipment available?

Yes. I have a backup Canon 5D Mark III along with other lenses.

Can other people take photos while you are taking photos?

Yes, as long as there are NOT in my way. I do recommend that you have your JP/Minister/Officient tell your guests not to stick their ipads/iphones down the isle as this truly distracts from your images. First and foremost, make me a priority. You did not pay other people to photograph your big day, you paid me. So let me do my job! 🙂