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The Natural Pack

A collaborative pack of presets

These presets have been in the works for the past couple of years, as I discovered my unique style as a photographer. My goal was to enhance images in a natural way, and provide consistency and efficiency to my workflow. I never thought that I would be selling my presets (since it requires a lot of behind the scenes work), so when Tricia approached me about releasing them as a collaboration- it was a no brainer. Tricia is the preset QUEEN… her packs are the closest to “one click” edits that I have ever worked with. We are confident that the Natural pack will serve as a solid base for your images, so you can achieve your desired outcome with ease.


The Natural Pack was designed to be clean, bright & vibrant presets that remain subtle & true to what the eye sees. Our goal in creating these was to enhance your images in natural way while avoiding the an “over edited” look.

The Natural Pack is designed for the professional and amateur in mind. We offer a Desktop pack for those who prefer shooting with DSLR/Mirrorless cameras, as well as a Mobile pack for those who shoot exclusively on their mobile device. Check out more about what we offer below!

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Triciavictoria X kopersenco

Tricia and Karin have been longtime friends and have collaborated several times over the years. (In fact, you'll find Karin and her gorgeous family all over Tricia's website!)

We are so excited to see the work you create with this preset collaboration built on friendship and creative respect.


Kopersen Co. Presets

The Natural Pack



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Presets designed for use on raw images taken with DSLR/Mirrorless cameras, edited directly in Adobe Lightroom on a computer.

Presets designed for use on images taken on mobile devices, edited with the Adobe Lightroom on Mobile.

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What is a mobile preset

Transform your mobile photos in seconds

Presets are photo filters used in Lightroom by professional photographers everyday to enhance their photos and make their personal style consistent. Using presets will alter the overall look of your image with a single click, typically affecting the tones, light and contrast of an image.

The technology for mobile photography has advanced so much over the last decade that many mobile images are nearly indistinguishable from images taken on a DSLR. Nowadays, people use their mobile camera for their work and their personal lives. Mobile presets will take these photos to the next level with filters specifically designed to be used on these images.

Transform your personal photos, add a professional touch to the images taken for your business or take your Instagram feed to the next level with cohesive, beautiful looking edits.



See them in action:

Kopersen Co.

Desktop & Mobile Presets

Inspired by #allthingsnatural





a tool to improve your editing workflow

Edit and enhance your images in a natural way.



Read the reviews:

I discovered these presets because I follow Kopersen Co and I LOVE their photography style & edits. I’m always hesitant to buy presets because they don’t always meet my expectations… BUT these… they created MAGIC. What you see is what you get, and they work amazing on every photo with very little adjustments needed. I’m SO glad I pulled the trigger on these presets. If you’re thinking about it, I 10/10 recommend!

Working with Kopersen presets has been a dream. My business relies on the quality and beauty of the photos I deliver to my clients and these presets have become my go to for both family photography sessions as well as content for my professional Instagram account and blog. I edit a lot of photos weekly, and when I’m looking for a preset pack I need the perfect balance of performance and ease. This preset pack offers stunning one click edits that require very few tweaks, saving on time and delivering a stunning aesthetic. Kopersen presets are airy and natural with a touch of film. They are very versatile and offer both cool and warm options which I love! They’re really a one stop shop for both experienced and budding photographers. I am Loving these presets so much, and so happy I found them!

It’s not too often that you find a preset pack that is ready to use right out of the gate. I’m a sucker for softer highlights and a natural but nicely processed look and I couldn’t be happier with the whole collection. Often times, presets can be complicated to look into if you are looking for subtle changes in aesthetic but these allow for so much freedom when experimenting, all while retaining their original mood and look. Commercial, editorial, and advertising projects have all been elevated thanks to these and I could not be more pleased with the results!


Do I need to be a professional to use these presets?

How are these different from desktop presets?

Absolutely not. The best part of these presets is that they were specifically designed to be used by ANYONE. They're great for the novice/hobby photographers as well as the professional ones. They're super easy to use and often need little more than minor changes to exposure & white balance. Basically, if you take images with your phone, then these are for you!

Desktop presets are designed to be used on RAW images while Mobile presets are designed for images taken on a mobile device. (The formats of most mobile images are usually jpegs or heic.) The file format of a preset will technically work on any image format, but they will often require more tweaking if they're used on formats they weren't designed for.

They have been rigorously tested on hundreds of mobile images, making sure that they enhance your photos with minimal tweaking required.

How do I install them?

What type of phone & app's are required to use these presets?

There are two different ways to install mobile presets. The easiest method is to download them directly to your phone. You will receive detailed instructions with your purchase on both methods.

These presets can be used on both Android and iPhone devices. You will need Adobe Lightroom Mobile, a free and powerful editing tool, and possibly WinZip (which can be deleted after download) to access your files without a desktop.

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