Kristilee + Sam – Engaged

SOOOO welcome to basically my favourite engagement session of all time.
Yup. I said it. A ginger. A canoe. Horses. Greenery. Water.
All of that. And top it off with the most ideal light a girl could ask for!

kristileeSamEngBLOG2kristileeSamEngBLOG3 kristileeSamEngBLOG4 kristileeSamEngBLOG5 kristileeSamEngBLOG6 kristileeSamEngBLOG7 kristileeSamEngBLOG8 kristileeSamEngBLOG9 kristileeSamEngBLOG10 kristileeSamEngBLOG11 kristileeSamEngBLOG12 kristileeSamEngBLOG13

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