Kristilee + Sam – Married

What do you get when you mix a ginger, a super cloudy day and desperately in love couple?

Magic. You get magic.


KristileeSamBLOG2 KristileeSamBLOG3 KristileeSamBLOG4 KristileeSamBLOG4b KristileeSamBLOG5 KristileeSamBLOG6 KristileeSamBLOG7 KristileeSamBLOG8 KristileeSamBLOG9 KristileeSamBLOG10 KristileeSamBLOG11 KristileeSamBLOG12 KristileeSamBLOG13 KristileeSamBLOG14 KristileeSamBLOG15 KristileeSamBLOG16 KristileeSamBLOG17 KristileeSamBLOG18 KristileeSamBLOG19 KristileeSamBLOG20 KristileeSamBLOG21 KristileeSamBLOG22 KristileeSamBLOG23 KristileeSamBLOG24 KristileeSamBLOG25 KristileeSamBLOG26 KristileeSamBLOG27 KristileeSamBLOG28 KristileeSamBLOG29 KristileeSamBLOG30 KristileeSamBLOG31 KristileeSamBLOG32 KristileeSamBLOG33 KristileeSamBLOG34

MUA: Ella May Makeup Art
HAIR: Mckinley Herrington
FLORALS: Tickled Floral
DRESS: Bridal Debut
LOCATION: Family farm/Ellerslie Rugby Park
2ND SHOOTER: Melissa Thakur

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