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For the love of selfies

If you’re anything like me, you take hundreds of photos of your daily life on your mobile device.

Maybe you’re a mom that takes a copious amount of images of your kids, or you’re a blogger that needs to enhance your mobile shots or perhaps you just really appreciate taking great shots of your daily life – whatever the reason, these presets will take your mobile images to a new level of awesome!

For years I searched tirelessly for ways to blend what I see in my head with the images I take on my phone. I finally found my "mobile photography" groove when I created these presets. I created them with everyday folk in mind and made sure that they could be used successfully by anyone, beginners included! They're easy to use and tweak to your liking, most often just one click does the trick! But simple tweaks in exposure and white balance are usually all I ever need beyond that. These packs will give you my signature TVP look to enhance your images!

You don’t need to be a professional to use these! They are suitable for all skill levels and work great for any purpose (from interiors, to food, to product, to children, to models/bloggers, landscapes, etc)!

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How it works

what is a mobile preset?

transform your mobile photos in seconds with easy to use photo filters

Presets are photo filters used in Lightroom by professional photographers everyday to enhance their photos and make their personal style consistent. Using presets will alter the overall look of your image with a single click, typically affecting the tones, light and contrast of an image.

The technology for mobile photography has advanced so much over the last decade that many mobile images are nearly indistinguishable from images taken on a DSLR. Nowadays, people use their mobile camera for their work and their personal lives. Mobile presets will take these photos to the next level with filters specifically designed to be used on these images.

Transform your personal photos, add a professional touch to the images taken for your business or take your Instagram feed to the next level with cohesive, beautiful looking edits.

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Pack 03

Pack 01

Pack 02

These presets are derived from the TVP Gold, Glow & Poet pack, giving you a little bit of everything.

This pack includes 7 colour and 1 black and white presets.

Whimsy is derived from the TVP Dream pack, giving your images bright, soft and dreamy pastel hues.

This pack includes 5 colour and 1 black and white presets.

These presets are inspired by simple, clean and bright edits. If light and airy is your thing, this pack is for you!

This pack include 4 colour presets.


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TVP Mobile

TVP Mobile

TVP Mobile

TVP Mobile





Add a touch of magic to your photos with the Whimsy pack. Includes 5 colour and 1 black & white presets.

A clean and bright way to edit your photos. Includes 4 colour presets.

Can't decide? You don't have to! Get them all and save $14.00! Includes The Whimsy, Bright & Medley Collection. (That's 18 presets!)

Get a little bit of everything in this pack. Includes 8 colour and 1 black & white presets.














See them in action:

TVP Mobile – The Whimsy Pack:

TVP Mobile – The Bright Pack:

TVP Mobile – The Medley Pack:

Read the reviews:

"As a mama of colour its hard finding presets that keep my family’s skin colour the same/similar. Often presets will lighten the image (which is great) but you loose the gold tones in our skin. These presets add such a beautiful touch and colour to the photos without washing out my family’s skin colour. I am beyond impressed with them!"

"Legit, thank you for developing these. As a mama to a biracial babe, it's important to have presets on mobile that showcases photos of me and my daughter looking as natural as possible. So often her skin tone has orange undertones and I want her to be shown with her natural skin tone and I love that these presets do that!"

I don't think I can express how amazing these preset packs are. The whimsy pack is my favourite. The overall the skin tone looks phenomenal. I love how it keeps the face features nice and sharp, but enough noise to cancel out blemishes. It is so hard to find a good preset pack that you can just add and not have to change all the settings a ton and with these, I honestly barely made any changes only slight adjustments to make your photos look awesome. I absolutely love them!

I am such a fan of the new medley presets. I have loved the original TVP mobile presets I couldn’t Imagine her topping those, but she has! These presets are so so versatile, truly. I have been using them on indoor and outdoor shots, with a variety of lighting situations and still finding them to work perfectly with no adjustments. I don’t know how she has been able to create such refined presets, but I’m thankful she has. I am able to capture iPhone shots that match up to my dslr work. I can 100% recommend these presets!

The Medley Pack

The Whimsy Pack

The Whimsy Pack

The Whimsy Pack

These presets provided me with Instagram ready photos with just the tap of a button. No need to layer on the filters. My iPhone photos have a more professional and vibrant look with almost no editing time! I highly recommend these presets for anyone wanting to have bright and beautiful images.

The new TVP mobile Lightroom presets are amazing! Not too warm, not too cool, but the perfect balance. My home is light and bright so the presets are essentially 1 click for me. I love they manage to highlight the subject, person or object. I will definitely continue to use these presets!

“I’ve loved all things Tricia since forever and have been using her mobile presets for a couple years now! They’ve honesty taken so much guess work out of making my amateur photos look AMAZING. Her new mobile presets offer even more variations of depths, tones and vibes that help take the stress out of editing and make my photos look so beautiful! I’m a mama who loves to snap moments of my family and TVP presets are a major game changer for that!"

"I have been following Tricia for years and her work never disappoints! These presets are no exception! I love the creamy tones, true colours and how easy they are to tweak to different light conditions! Excited to use them on the day to day captures of my kids!"

- Wendy W.

The Bright Pack

The bright pack

The Whimsy Pack

The Medley Pack

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Do I need to be a professional to use these presets?

How are these different from desktop presets?

Absolutely not. The best part of these presets is that they were specifically designed to be used by ANYONE. They're great for the novice/hobby photographers as well as the professional ones. They're super easy to use and often need little more than minor changes to exposure & white balance. Basically, if you take images with your phone, then these are for you!

Desktop presets are designed to be used on RAW images while Mobile presets are designed for images taken on a mobile device. (The formats of most mobile images are usually jpegs or heic.) The file format of a preset will technically work on any image format, but they will often require more tweaking if they're used on formats they weren't designed for.

They have been rigorously tested on hundreds of mobile images, making sure that they enhance your photos with minimal tweaking required.

How do I install them?

What type of phone & app's are required to use these presets?

There are two different ways to install mobile presets. The easiest method is to download them directly to your phone. You will receive detailed instructions with your purchase on both methods.

These presets can be used on both Android and iPhone devices. You will need Adobe Lightroom Mobile, a free and powerful editing tool, and possibly WinZip (which can be deleted after download) to access your files without a desktop.


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