My most versatile pack of presets...

This Desktop pack includes over 12 colour presets,  2 black & white presets, along with 5 Mobile presets. It is uniquely segmented to help you know exactly what to expect from each preset.


Moody hues

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Poet is rich and moody and favours browns and warmth. This pack is inspired by the 70’s and all things avant garde.

This Desktop pack is uniquely segmented to help you know exactly what to expect from each preset. With over 14 presets, this pack is made to suit nearly any occasion, making it my versatile pack yet.

A 10 page PDF is included to show you how to get the most out of the Poet Pack. It goes over what each segment is good for and the main ways I modify my image after I apply a preset.  There is also a PDF instruction guide on how to install your mobile presets.

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But don't just take my word for it....

"Tricia, thanks for making presets that can literally be transformed easily from moody+grainy to vibrant + poppy, to whatever I need them to be! Poet is the literal perfect base!"

"I just bought the poet pack this week. I've been wanting a change on my photos for awhile & just couldn't seem to find the right style. I saw some examples from the poet pack from a photographer friend of mine (who suggested I get the presets months ago) SHOULD OF LISTENED. I am SO happy with the results."

I absolutely love the Poet Pack. Every other preset pack I’ve used is so punchy and has no versatility like Tricia’s. Would recommend 10/10.


See them in action:

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