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After receiving an influx of mentorship requests asking nearly all the same questions, I sat down to create this online curriculum to help answer them. I’m so excited to offer four online courses teaching how to pose your clients and draw candid moments from authentic interaction, editing your images using Lightroom, how to shoot weddings, and business practices that help you book more clients and run a successful company. You get to go behind the scenes with me and watch me apply the course material to a shoot, listen in as I pose my clients and then put the package altogether with editing.
While making these videos, I kept in mind personal time constraints that we all have and made sure that the content that fills them lets you walk away with proven methods of achieving what your goals. These videos are packed with my industry secrets and the most important tools I use on a regular basis.

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Weddings are arguably the most important day of a persons life and if you’re fortunate enough to be asked to document one, then you need to know exactly what to be looking for so you can provide your client lasting memories. If you are new or newer to the wedding industry or you just want to need to be encouraged that you’re already doing things perfectly fine, then this is for you! I go over an entire wedding day from bridal prep to reception and include a 9 page PDF shoot list for you to make sure you don’t miss a beat when you shoot a wedding. 

Here is a brief description of what you’ll be getting in this wedding tutorial:


  • Explanation of the four main chapters of a wedding and your role as a photographer in them
  • PDF of “must have” shot list for each chapter of the day
  • How to effectively tell the whole story
  • How to shoot in difficult lighting scenarios
  • What type of gear I use when and why

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