TVP Custom DESKTOP Presets for Lightroom & ACR – The Studio Pack


The Studio Pack includes 10 colour presets, each with different tones and light making it versatile for sessions with varying light. (Overcast, bright, muted, cool, warm, etc.) It also includes a clean black and white preset that I use on all my studio sessions.

I have included a PDF to show you how to get the most out of the Studio Pack, going over the presets and the main ways I modify my image after I apply a preset.

They are my first pack to include some pre-selected white balance and exposure – but this is easy to reset. I did this very purposefully as I find achieving the warm, creamy tones I favour much easier with a pre-selected base.



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***These presets are strictly for usage in DESKTOP Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw. They are meant to be used by someone who is familiar with Lightroom and ACR and using presets. They are most effective on RAW file formats. These presets aren’t a “one-click and done” – you will need to know how to adjust according to the white balance, shadows and exposure and an understanding of how Lightroom and ACR works is critical to the success of these presets.

Download the “XMP” files for ACR, and newer versions of Lightroom. Download “LRTEMP” for older versions of Lightroom.

There are absolutely no refunds once the purchase is made.



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