One of the most rewarding parts of my career has been helping photographers across the world with their work. This has truly been one of the most humbling experiences in my life! Every single one of you have made my dreams come true and have impacted my life in direct and tremendous ways! 

I wanted to give credit where it’s due. When I started taking pics two years ago, I had no clue what I was doing. Your presets and page have been the single biggest Inspiration to my business. The gold pack has levelled me up in my editing game. I use them on %85 percent of my pictures! 
As a mom, you have shown me how to balance being a parent, spouse and a creative. There’s so many single people in this industry. 😂 Helps having someone show me that being a parent can still be cool. Long story short, you have inspired me a lot over the past 2 years, and I wanted you to know that what you do matters. Thanks for helping the little guys feel huge!!

– Drew W.

I absolutely love this set of amazing tutorials! There is so much dedication, inspiration and love put into each and everyone of these. They are informative and really show how to connect with your sessions as well as editing techniques that I have already started using. The Gold Pack is pretty much the best presets ever! If you are looking to grow as an artist, then you do not want to miss out on this bundle!

– Sarah J.

These tutorials were everything I was looking for! Her tutorials are heartfelt, straight forward, easy to follow, and she really gives great advice and guidance for any and all levels of photographers. The posing videos along with being able to see the shoot itself, and the editing afterwards straight from her laptap, really ties it altogether. It’s like being there. Hearing a little bit about her journey, seeing some of her first works was very humbling! The wedding guide shot list was super helpful especially if you don’t shoot a ton of weddings like myself and are always afraid your going to forget a shot! Her business tutorial on branding and social media branding was really enlightening and very useful! She’s quirky, humble, beautiful and brilliant. She really wants all of us to get out there, make magic, and be successful. Check out her tutorials, you wont be disappointed!

– Stephanie G.

I just finished your course on Unraveled and it was incredible!!! You have such a beautiful gift for teaching and story telling even in a learning aspect and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it + how it honestly STANDS out because you can see you put so much value and work into it yourself – thanks for serving your community with your knowledge + wisdom. x

– Mel B.

Love the gold pack! It brings the life to my photos I have been trying to achieve. I bought many presets in the past and have never been as satisfied with them as I am with Tricia’s presets! You won’t regret getting these!

– Sarah S.

I can honestly say that Tricia’s presets and tutorials have been the best investment I’ve made in this photography journey. In the tutorials she covers every topic I could possibly have questions about. She goes in depth about every step and I feel like I have already learned so much from her. The gold pack presets are beautiful and are my new go to!

– Kaitlyn C.

I love love love the gold pack! They are perfect for my indoor newborn sessions and add the perfect punch for outdoor! They are literally “golden” !

– Caley M.

These tutorials give so much insight that I feel I could watch them again and again. The posing and wedding tutorials were especially helpful to me, and I can’t wait to put into practice what I’ve learned. Tricia doesn’t hold back in these tutorials, you’ll come away with a whole heap of knowledge to help you move to the next stage of your photography career.

– Nikki N.

Love these presets! They add such warmth to my images, which is exactly what I was looking for! Something to enhance what I have tried to capture. The tutorials are great too! Thanks so much Tricia, for providing so much insight and openness into your tutorials, so great to see someone sharing so much to help others grow! Thanks again.

– Nina M.

I’ve followed Tricia on Instagram for a long time and this was the first presents I’ve used of hers, and I’m so in love with them! The variety that comes in the Melody pack is fantastic, they work great for both indoors and outdoors. With this pack you will definitely find what you’re looking for when it comes to editing your photos. I am so excited to keep using these, I am absolutely obsessed!

– Jen B.

Ever since I started using Tricia Victoria’s presets, the quality of my edited work has skyrocketed. The Dream Pack covers a variety of settings, giving you creamy and even skin tones, and slightly crushed blacks that invoke a timelessness in the images. I found I really only need to click on the preset (my favourite is Faded), tweak my exposure settings, and my image is good to go!

– Kate W.

I’m not a wedding photographer, I’m family and newborns but I bought this anyway. The posing, editing and business part were fantastic, the information that Tricia gives is incredibly helpful for any photographer, new or seasoned, wedding or just portrait photographers like myself. If you do one thing in your career buy this, you wont be disappointed.

– Sam R.