Designed exclusively for studio photographers

This Desktop pack includes 10 colour presets and one black and white preset.

The Studio pack is crafted specifically for natural light studio photographers. 

This Desktop pack includes 10 colour presets, each with different tones and light making it versatile for sessions with varying light. (Overcast, bright, muted, cool, warm, etc.) It also includes a clean black and white preset that I use on all my studio sessions.
I have included a PDF to show you how to get the most out of the Studio Pack, going over the presets and the main ways I modify my image after I apply a preset.
They are my first pack to include some pre-selected white balance and exposure – but this is easy to reset. I did this very purposefully as I find achieving the warm, creamy tones I favour much easier with a pre-selected base.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Jess Newell

Newcastle, NSW
“I am so blown away by Tricia’s new preset pack. The soft dreamy undertones and versatility of this pack is so timeless and beautiful. I can use each preset with ease for my indoor work and slightly adjust the white balance to create the exact look I’m after. I’ve never come across such seamless Studio presets that require very minimal tweaks to suit each varying lighting situation. If you’re thinking of trying these presets that Tricia has worked so tirelessly to perfect I highly recommend.”



“When I first downloaded the studio presets, I was skeptical I would love them as much as the ones I am currently using. I made a gallery with not only studio sessions, but outdoor and in home sessions with various lighting and editing difficulty. I was blown away with how well the presets worked on all my images, and was particularly enamoured with “studio 7”. I am so happy with the presets that moving forward, I will be editing all my galleries with the studio presets. Thankyou Tricia for making such a beautiful set of presets that are incredibly easy to use and adjust to suit my style”

Steph Lumiboa

New Hampshire, USA

“These TVP Studio Presets bring out a soft and subtle tone to my naturally light, in studio images. They also infuse a warm feel to my images giving me that exact warm and cozy vibe I strive to portray in my work.”
before / after

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