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My name is Christine and I am a wife and mama to four darlings. Our Haus is a place that’s filled with love, lots of light and laughter (and a ridiculous amount of rattan) where you will find inspiration for all things motherhood, style, interior and baby love.

My children are my heroes. My MUSES.

They inspire me daily, and are the ones that influenced this preset pack the most. Watching them discover new things and marvel over things most mundane is so incredibly humbling and reminds me to try to see things with more wonder and simplicity. This is such a fleeting and magical time, documenting our days feels like pushing the pause button to enjoy the moment a little longer and my hope is that with the help of this preset pack, you will be able to do the same.


For the past 5 or so years I have tweaked, designed and perfected these presets to reflect the ‘This Haus of Ours’ aesthetic. Over the years I’ve been asked again and again how exactly I achieve this signature look in my images. I am humbled and so elated that I am finally getting to share them with you all, and I hope that you cherish them as much as I do.

The ‘This Haus of Ours’ preset pack is designed for the every day Haus to add beautiful warmth and vintage hues to any scenario. It is designed to ignite a love for capturing the small, in between moments. To enrich those precious memories captured.

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Triciavictoria X thishauseofours

Tricia and Christine have been longtime (virtual) friends and this collaboration came to life through their mutual love for Photography. With their shared expertise and knowledge in the field, this is a dream come true collaboration and we hope that you are equally as excited about the result as we are!


What is a mobile preset

Transform your mobile photos in seconds

Presets are photo filters used in Lightroom by professional photographers everyday to enhance their photos and make their personal style consistent. Using presets will alter the overall look of your image with a single click, typically affecting the tones, light and contrast of an image.

The technology for mobile photography has advanced so much over the last decade that many mobile images are nearly indistinguishable from images taken on a DSLR. Nowadays, people use their mobile camera for their work and their personal lives. Mobile presets will take these photos to the next level with filters specifically designed to be used on these images.

Transform your personal photos, add a professional touch to the images taken for your business or take your Instagram feed to the next level with cohesive, beautiful looking edits.



See them in action:



An extension to your memory making journey

Capture and refine all those happy memories.


Read the reviews:

This is literally the best presets I have ever used. my pictures come out exactly how I want them to!! As a person of color, it's hard to find a preset that works great with my family and I skin but this one is by far my favorite!! What I love so much about her presets are that they aren’t overdone. I can often apply her preset without having to do much additional tweaking to my images. I absolutely love them!!!

These presets are some of the easiest ones I’ve ever used. I only had to adjust the exposure a touch while editing in Lightroom. They give a beautiful creamy and timeless finish to the photos. Muse 1 is my favorite out of this collection with the peachy pink undertones! If you’re looking for an artsy, warm and inviting feel to your photos, these are the ones you need!

This Haus of Ours are truly wonderful and a true one click edit preset. I have purchased quite a few presets and I'm always filled with regret as you typically have to make so many adjustments. That is not the case with This Haus of Ours! These are great for beginners who are interested in elevating their images or for people wanting to create a particular esthetic.The boho, earthy & natural feel of these presets are so perfect. And the fact that you most likely will not have to do much adjusting, if any at all, make these presets a no brainer to try out! What you see is really what you get and I just love them so much!!

My first reaction to the presets was awe. I have been using a few presets for years now, but none have transformed my photos so effortlessly. I was actually amazed at how this filter enhanced flowers on my dining room table and my little ones outside in the snow. But the real magic happened when I used a photo of my sweet 5 month old twins sitting on my bed. The vintage feeling of the reds and blues is enhanced and modernized by the bright, warm skin tones and bright whites. The picture changed from a sweet memory into a precious, professional looking photo.


Do I need to be a professional to use these presets?

How are these different from desktop presets?

Absolutely not. The best part of these presets is that they were specifically designed to be used by ANYONE. They're great for the novice/hobby photographers as well as the professional ones. They're super easy to use and often need little more than minor changes to exposure & white balance. Basically, if you take images with your phone, then these are for you!

Desktop presets are designed to be used on RAW images while Mobile presets are designed for images taken on a mobile device. (The formats of most mobile images are usually jpegs or heic.) The file format of a preset will technically work on any image format, but they will often require more tweaking if they're used on formats they weren't designed for.

They have been rigorously tested on hundreds of mobile images, making sure that they enhance your photos with minimal tweaking required.

How do I install them?

What type of phone & app's are required to use these presets?

There are two different ways to install mobile presets. The easiest method is to download them directly to your phone. You will receive detailed instructions with your purchase on both methods.

These presets can be used on both Android and iPhone devices. You will need Adobe Lightroom Mobile, a free and powerful editing tool, and possibly WinZip (which can be deleted after download) to access your files without a desktop.

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